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Recipe grape juice, milk and chamomile for breast augmentation

   This recipe easy and simple and consists of two steps and you are zoomed in the breast, and its failure with one of the girls does not mean it is not suitable for all every body what suits him.
  The first step:
Heat the olive oil (be warm) and placed on the chest, with a light massage of the chest and a day ..
  Step two:
- 100 grams of fenugreek
- 100 ml of grape juice
- 30 grams of chamomile
- 50 ml of milk

  Placed the ring with chamomile in half a liter of water and heated on the fire to boiling is done in two minutes, cool pint chamomile and then added him grape juice and fresh milk is not sweetened with sugar is nothing wrong with that.
Drink from the girl or woman who is not older than 35 years the amount of glass in the morning, the lady older than 35 years old they should drink a glass cup in the morning and in the evening and continue treatment for 3 weeks.
Recommend to the work of breast massage with hot water in order to attract the blood to them and activates the breast tissue and then sprayed with cold water in order to help to increase its size.
Tried this recipe from one of the girls and the result was positive

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