Best foods for pregnant women

 Must deal with a pregnant woman and an organized group of healthy food is limited, and this list of some of the most useful foods for each pregnant woman, which should incorporate in their diet daily.

This list is provided by the doctor for Mitzi Dolan, co-author in the book The All-Pro Diet.

Greek yogurt
In addition to the calcium that you need to mother and fetus, you should eat all the pregnant women Greek yogurt, which contains double the amount of protein and less sugar than regular milk.

Cup Greek yogurt is free of fat = 130 calories

Play of omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in the development of the fetal brain. The linseed is easier to add to your diet. Simply by adding a national tablespoons of milk to the Greek. For more flavor, you can add blueberries, mandarin orange pieces or apples, with a little cinnamon.

1 tablespoon flax seed = 35 calories

White cheese
Eat this protein as a snack with some calcium-rich wheat bread rich full health makes it a great pleasure for pregnant women who suffer from sensitive stomach.

Cup white cheese free of fat = 160 calories

Folic acid rich nourishing and necessary in helping to prevent congenital neural tube defects is orange juice, oranges, snack key during pregnancy. Oranges contain a high dose of vitamin C to support immune system, and also contains potassium, which can be downloaded blood pressure is very important during pregnancy. Packages provide calcium-fortified orange juice more nutritious benefits.

1 medium orange = 65 calories

Filled with iron and folic acid and fiber, lentils is "Prodigy pulses" of pregnant women. It maintains the movement systems in the body, and helps to avoid pregnancy hemorrhoids and constipation. I eat lentil soup as a snack and fast speeds do not require time in processing. (You can add a little tomato to increase the dose of vitamin C and lycopene.)

1/2 cup of cooked lentils = 115 calories

For a healthy dose of folic acid and vitamin A, calcium, you can add a bouquet (unwashed) of spinach sandwich or salad with spinach, almonds, grapes and tree-meal light and healthy.
 1 cup spinach = 40 calories

In addition to nutritious foods, water is essential for a pregnant woman which does not contain calories. Water increases hydration and health, a wonderful alternative for drinks high in sugar and calories that can increase the risk of insulin resistance during pregnancy.

Weakness and impotence-causes and treatment

Impotence "impotence" is erectile dysfunction, inability to maintain an erection long enough for sexual encounter.

Either Ed, normally intended to limited the number of times a person can perform full intercourse and the length of time between each intercourse last up to several months., called impotence name Ed and frigidity is not responding person either husband or wife for sexual excitement prior to intercourse, and lack of desire for sexual performance or which College and aversion. all of the above is different from infertility, defined as the inability to reproduce after one year. To complete regular sexual encounters.

And recipes that can help get rid of ED and which are natural aphrodisiacs have no collateral damage one gram of Royal Jelly bee with four grams of grain ground with just three grams of powder original hepatoprotective effect plant with a spoon not fiddled sudar honey added to a cup of water and stir until it melts and then drank on an empty stomach every day.

Previous amounts with same first replace the water with camel milk.

The second two grams gensng spoon honey Sidr four grams of pollen mixed with boiled ginger after cooling and then drink twice daily.

-Mixing honey and crushed grain black and eat a tablespoon of the mixture each morning on an empty stomach and keep it.
-Almwazih to eat green watercress leaves its artist, very useful and give great naeaeg.
-Keep eating Sesame peeled is very useful in cases of Ed.

Pumpkins, cucumbers and melons: taking multiple quantities of seed and peel off and knock and are dissolved in sugar, three tablespoons are taken every day. Emulsion also used pumpkin seeds for treating prostate hypertrophy in the elderly and the resulting disturbances in urination, emulsion of a bunch of fresh seeds are polished and parting knock to crush a bit, then add to hot water by boiling one cup per 20 grams of seeds, and after waiting several minutes sweetens sugar and drink hot.

Linseed: using boiled linseed in soothing pain caused by prostatitis, a cup or twice from boiled linseed day in small doses.
_ Keep eat sesame peeled is very useful in cases of Ed.

The most successful treatments for depression medication quick ejaculation
Rapid ejaculation is scattered around the world by up to 40 percent of men and are the most common among all sexual diseases.

Still views on selected non-uniform and controversial debate in the medical community. While some doctors believed that each shot comes in four or five minutes of starting intercourse constitutes a defamatory quickly rejected others that claim to identify rapid ejaculation must be measured from the time of penetration into the vagina to ejaculation time and usually less stringent mobility requirement in 90% of cases and less than 30 seconds at 80 percent, a recent study also showed 110 men complaining about rapid ejaculation in the Netherlands but some workers reject this definition they select a practical dimension in which participants The most important role of women, the importance of rapid ejaculation for them only to the extent that it denies women enjoy sexual intercourse pleasure and euphoria to reach the Summit in more than 50% of sexual relations.

But this selection was illogical because the comparative issue also depends on fast or slow to respond when the wife, the final determination remains difficult, particularly if we take into account that about 27 percent of women reach orgasm or Summit alaighav in not more than one minute and others need more than 5-15 minutes of sexual irritability to get an orgasm, and the success of fucking and enjoying both spouses may get less than 50% of the cases the relationship sexual naghahbalnsbh. The polemics about selecting ejaculation considered American Psychiatric Association any fling gets no thrill or low before, during and directly after login without the patient's wishes in access or control should be regarded as defamatory fast or early. And in my personal view, where different between erection or penetration and ejaculation in different region and satisfy the Europeans or Americans spouses does not satisfy Arab couple in this area, for example, let us make the couple themselves in determining premature ejaculation and its influence on their sexual harassment and the need to address, as a logical expectations.

Women and quick ejaculation:
For rapid ejaculation in bad psychological impact as it fills it wife ways of pleasure after the raise, and deprive them of extinguishing fire desire after ignited Witold at bitterness and frustration especially if it becomes a pattern. It becomes sexual intercourse for her suffering does not want even rejects it by all means and excuses used various arguments to avoid.

Causes of rapid ejaculation:
Since more than a hundred years the specialists and scientists trying to explain the causes of rapid ejaculation was belief in the early 1940s that the leading cause of neurosis on the psychological conflicts underground best cure psychoanalysis. In 1943, Dr. Shapiro refuted this theory and alternatively suggested that because of his firm belief that rapid ejaculation myself physically based on intellectual confusion and failure mechanism of ejaculation. Some specialists in urology and venerology criticized this theory, claiming that the fundamental factors for the occurrence of this situation is the high sensitivity of the penis and to Jim penis and urethral anomalies and that the best treatment is the use of dope on the penis and cut allgim wetdkhir alaukema sperm inside the urethra. But unfortunately this doesn't work means and continued to search for unknown reasons.

And between 1950 and 1990 turned to as rapid ejaculation acquired behaviour and deliberate 
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